Call Accounting Software Has Been Our Singular Focus Since 1986

Our company is family owned and operated and was formed with the sole purpose of offering a more intelligent approach to purchasing and using call accounting systems. We saw the need to raise the awareness of this valuable, but mostly unused product and we always thought “we can help” was our strategy.

Since 1997, when we obtained the domain, we have offered information and helpful tips on call accounting and related telecom topics.

As an independent distributor, CONNECTIONS continually searches for products with…

  • A high degree of functionality
  • Simple and easy-to-use features
  • Quality training and support from a U.S. manufacturer

We believe that we offer the best value in the call accounting and telecom marketplace. That is why VXTracker call accounting has been our flagship product since 2002. Its functionality continues to grow as modules are added to address the needs of unified communications. It is easy to use and is backed by superior support and training.

“We Can Help”

We know you prefer to deal with “trusted vendors,” so we have worked with our many small-business and enterprise call accounting customers and listened to their concerns. Because of their input, we have added additional products and services. Here are some best-of-class solutions we think are valuable to help you keep your communications ecosystem healthy and functioning properly. For more information, click on the link for each topic.

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Call Accounting Software
Voice Network Monitoring for Call Accounting Software

Voice Network Monitoring

As customers migrated to VoIP systems, Quality of Service (QoS) became an issue as voice traffic was placed on a data network. Bandwidth became a guessing game as to how much was required, so the VXTracker product was expanded to include traffic reports that showed how much bandwidth was required. VXPulse was developed as an affordable monitoring tool for voice professionals to have quick access to call quality issues on their network.

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Carrier Services

Most of our enterprise customers have multiple locations and have to deal with numerous carriers to provide connectivity at all sites. CONNECTIONS has developed a strategic partnership with a national telecom organization that offers services from all major providers and acts as our customers’ single point of contact, saving valuable time and having the luxury of an industry expert to represent them to all carriers at all sites. Products include; voice and data, cloud, data centers and Internet.

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Call Accounting Softwar with Carrier Services
Telecom bill management

Telecom Management & Phone Bill Processing

Are you tired of dealing with the avalanche of phone bills and the complexity of dealing with multiple carriers? We have solutions for small, medium and large organizations for reviewing, approving and paying complex telecom bills. The goal of any system is to simplify the entire process, save time and reduce overspending. Our experts can quickly analyze your systems and make appropriate recommendations.

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Many of our customers have asked us about current legislation in their state (or states) regarding the implementation of E911. Our Position? Don’t Wait For Legislation. Everyone deserves E911 protection. Now!

Employers have a moral obligation to provide a safe workplace. Failure to provide E911 functionality exposes organizations to:

  • Negative public relations issues
  • Regulatory fines
  • Extensive civil and criminal charges—awards can be millions of dollars

It’s the right thing to do because it saves lives.
Legislation mandates it.
It’s the smart thing to do because it minimizes legal and financial risk.

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e911 service software
Let Us Help You Find a Solution That Fits Your Needs
Our company is family owned and operated and was formed with the sole purpose of offering a more intelligent approach to purchasing and using call accounting systems