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Our proprietary software allows us to find a building in any city with dual fiber entrance in less than 4 minutes.

Our proprietary software allows us to find a building in any city with dual fiber entrance in less than 4 minutes.

As an industry leader in Telecom Cost Control Solutions for over twenty-five years, we know that our customers look to long-time vendors like CONNECTIONS who have earned their trust to provide them additional products and services that help lower costs.

The ordering, managing and paying for a myriad of telecommunications services from multiple providers is fraught with opportunities for errors and overpaying! For organizations that don’t have the staff or expertise, we can help!

After extensive research, we have created a strategic partnership with one of the leading, nationwide brokers who is able to provide a complete suite of telecom and data services from all major carriers.

The suite includes:

Carrier Services

Our partners specialize in sourcing broadband and voice solutions for business both large and small. Using our proprietary systems we can find you the best deal, every time, guaranteed. Best of all, our services are free when you order through us.
If you…

  • Are looking for the best providers at the right price?
  • Want a single point of contact for all providers?
  • Want true redundancy at critical sites?
  • Need to know fiber paths into multiple locations?
  • Need location and pricing details about data centers?
  • Haven’t you done a recent inventory/audit of services and contracts?
  • Are migrating to VoIP and wonder how much bandwidth you will need? (link to VXTracker/ VXPulse)

We can help!

Our industry experts can be your single point of contact – at no cost to you when you order through us!

Our proprietary and patented software gives us the ability to research all available carriers, fiber routes and data centers for any address in the US and most countries – without having to wait for days (or weeks) for quotes and specifics!

Data Center Tool

Using our interactive data-center map we can find data centers in any geography and determine which bandwidth and cloud providers are available in each building.

Bandwidth Solutions: Data center tool

Data Center Consulting

Our data center consulting professionals have in-depth experience in building and managing global data centers and IT systems. We do not sell installation systems or equipment but are partners with companies who do.

Fiber Maps

Using our fiber/lit-building maps we can narrow down the options for solutions that require multi-mode fiber – in minutes!

Patented Quoting Tool

We use the world’s first real-time, patented commercial telecom pricing software to source transactional products (T1, PRI, Cable, EoC) – show carrier prices, fiber routes and lit buildings from all of the major providers – in minutes, instead of days or weeks!

Cloud Services

Make the cloud work for you. It’s never been easier to leverage enterprise class software and infrastructure. Let our cloud experts show you how to only pay for what you use by selecting from a range of cloud services.


Our carriers provide virtually all forms of SIP and we offer free consulting and design services for complex requirements.

Our focus is always on creating effective solutions for our customers and not just looking for the lowest cost provider.

Benefits to you:

  • As your “single point of contact,” we reduce your time and stress of dealing with multiple carriers at multiple locations. Because of our purchasing volume, we are able to offer a higher level of service – at no cost to you when you order through us.
  • Shorten time for obtaining services to new facilities. With our patented software, we can identify all providers and what services are available at any address in the US and most countries – in minutes!
  • Reduce time to solicit quotes from multiple carriers from weeks or months – to hours!!!
  • Reduce research time and complexity required to implement or relocate a Data Canter. Our experts provide consulting about the viability of various geographical locations throughout the US.
  • Ensure uninterrupted service to critical sites in the event of an outage by verifying if you really do have “redundant service.” If not, we can design and guarantee full, auto-failover redundancy.
  • Reduce the time you spend managing and processing your telecom bills with our phone bill processing system that allows you to maintain control and view all your bills in a single window. Contact us today for a no-cost review of your telecom processes.

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