VXSuite is a software platform that provides tools to improve a company’s Unified Communications experience. It integrates with any communications ecosystem to deliver meaningful information to managers about:

  • Quality of Service
  • Bandwidth Issues
  • Call Analytics
  • Mobile Productivity

Phone systems used to be pretty simple, but then you added features – auto attendants, voicemail, ACD agents, operators and then additional sites – then you merged with another company with different PBX platforms, etc.

VXTracker Call Accounting & Voice Analytics™ System

VXTracker has been our flagship call accounting product for over ten years. It provides comprehensive reporting and management of all incoming, outgoing and internal calls. It addresses the three main functional areas of voice communications management:

Voice Expenses
PBX Performance Monitoring
Security/Compliance Tracking

VXTracker is a web-based system and uses MySQL database. System can be purchased for on site management of hosted. Each system comes 12 months warranty, which includes:

Unlimited technical support from US-based engineers
Unlimited training during warranty or support period
Free system updates and upgrades
Free quarterly area code updates
Unlimited user logins

Analytics That Drive Voice Decisions

VXTracker Analytics delivers decision-making information that correlates key metrics in a way that identifies patterns and opportunities to increase technical, and employee performance, reduce service-availability risks and reduce costs.


  • Real-time call processing
  • Immediate alert to 911 or other sensitive calls
  • Department allocation of usage and asset costs
  • Trending and forecasting
  • Time-of-day reporting
  • Trunk occupancy reports

Common uses

VoIP Pre-assessment

VXTracker is able to monitor and manage multiple, disparate voice systems whether TDM or IP-based. By reporting on call volume from all phone systems, VXTracker can produce reports that show how much bandwidth is required to put this voice traffic on a data network to ensure acceptable voice quality.

Optimize Voice Systems Configuration

  • Provides a unified view of trunk-group traffic, traffic capacity and peak traffic analysis.
  • Display of real-time metrics to determine how systems are performing.
  • Analysis of trending reports allows more accurate forecasting and budgeting.

Analyze Incoming Call Activity on Toll-Free Numbers

Trend Reports Help Plan Future Budgets

VXPulse Voice Quality Monitoring and Management

Your network consists of hardware and software from a variety of vendors and service providers. Proper functioning of all components and providers ensures satisfactory performance. Therefore, visibility to every component or device on your network is critical. Having a tool that constantly monitors your network can quickly identify and solve problems.

Voice Quality Monitoring & So Much More!

VXPulse monitors PBXs, VoIP implementations, network devices and access points across a network.

  • Continually tests and tracks the status of the network to detect changes
  • Monitors call quality and server performance
  • Supports all network devices from multiple suppliers
  • Gives support staff a complete view of the entire system and its status
  • Allows for backup of server and network device configuration with verification and audit reporting
  • Supports small business voice and data networks as well as large enterprises with multiple locations

Circuit Monitoring

VXSuite will monitor and alert on the status of any or all external circuits of a network, including:

  • Up/Down status
  • Ping to the edge router of the provider’s network
  • Traceroute to the edge router of the provider’s network
  • If the calculated Mean Opinion Score (MOS) aka – voice quality – is below the agreed-upon threshold, VXPulse will notify you, and/or your carrier.

Monitoring With Notification

VXSuite will set up and monitor the circuit 24/7 and alert the customer and the broker when circuit status changes.

Monitoring With Notification Plus Resolution Management

VXSuite will set up and monitor the circuit using the IP address of the carrier’s router. This could be a PRI, T1, MPLS, SIP or any circuit where we have access to the carrier’s IP address. The circuit will be monitored 24/7 and we will send an alert when its status changes. Should the circuit go down or a problem occurs, VXSuite will open a ticket with your provider and remain the focal point for monitoring until the issue is resolved.


Alert comes from an independent third party (no rabbit guarding the lettuce leaf)
Specific problem identification eliminates finger pointing, faster resolution and shorter down-times
Reports measure carrier SLA compliance
Better Quality of Experience (QoE) for users

Note: VXSuite is not guaranteeing the circuit, only monitoring, notification and with plan B, starting the remedial action by contacting the circuit provider.

VXMobile Reporting and Analysis

Virtually all employees carry a cell phone and use it extensively for business, both during and after business hours. Research studies show that over fifty percent of business calls are now being made from cell phones, making the need for an audit trail for all desk and cell phone call activity imperative.

Combined Desk And Cell Phone Reporting Shows the Whole Picture

VXTracker customers know the value of having an audit trail of all incoming and outgoing call activity for desk phones. Adding the cell phone data for an employee provides a complete picture to department managers to help them measure productivity and provides the organization protection regarding liability, corporate security, harassment issues, employee grievances, calls to competitors, etc. By combining desk and cell phone expenses, organizations now have a more accurate picture of their true telecom costs.

A Customizable View of the Critical Data from VXSuite

VXDash is a web-based graphical interface that provides the ability to create views of information being collected that make the most sense to their business and/or operational needs. This information can come from any of the VXSuite modules.

Users can layer graphical and tabular data views on a single screen, create wallboard type views with auto-refresh for their internal use or to provide to their end users. Export capabilities will allow a user to retrieve the data behind these operational views or to export the graphical content for delivery via CSV, PDF, Word or Excel formats.

Dashboard creation within VXDash is performed through a more intuitive interface than writing SQL queries. This will allow companies to have analyst level positions create dashboards rather than development resources. Once a dashboard is created, standard users will also have the ability to sort and or filter data if they want to drill-down to a subset of the initial data scope.

  • Works on all phone systems and excels in a hybrid environment
  • Display multiple “Why” and “What If” scenarios
  • Provide a unified view of trunk-group traffic, traffic capacity and peak traffic analysis while combining that data with call quality metrics.
  • Drill into data to determine the routes or users that are experiencing the most issues.
  • Determining overall Delay, Jitter and MOS is the standard for evaluating call quality. But using the variance report shows where the peaks and valleys are with regard to voice quality.
  • Executives can monitor the success of a new Lync implementation after it has been introduced into the organization. See how it is being adopted by creating a dashboard with top voice, video or IM users can display usage – or lack thereof.

Unlimited Display Possibilities

Unlimited Display Possibilities

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