Managing and Paying Telecom Bills

We offer full telecom expense management services to all sized businesses. Our goal is to help you understand and enhance control over your fixed-line and mobile communications assets and costs.

Whether you are searching for a simple telecom bill processing system or a robust Telecom Expense Management system – we can help!

Our full-featured Telecom Expense Management (TEM) System

With our Account Management Services, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time your organization spends managing bills from multiple providers. Bringing visibility and management to your telecommunications infrastructure returns dollars to your budget and time to your team.

Monthly Analysis

With our proprietary software, we import your entire bill (or bills) into our system. We then perform checks and balances for each individual phone on the account. We validate the phone number, the individual the phone is assigned to, rate plan and cost, taxes, minutes used, long distance, overages and peak/off peak minutes. If any billing issues are found, we will resolve them. As we review your bill in detail each month, we can provide information to you as to whether any modifications need to be made to existing plans. Even in a changing work environment, your costs stay under control.

Optimization, Auditing and Recovery

Our team of telecom experts can provide optimization to enterprises looking to reduce their expenditures, verify contract compliance, and recover erroneous billing.

Wireless Management & Optimization

Allowing us to manage your wireless phones can lower your internal administrative costs, expedite wireless support and trouble ticket resolution, raise accountability standards, and lower your overall costs. Our average client saves more than 29% on their monthly wireless bill. We create these savings without requiring our clients to change service providers or reduce usage.

Assets & Inventory

Effective asset and inventory management tools and strategies are critical to a well-managed telecommunications program. We provide tools and solutions to bring control and visibility to all wireless, voice, and data networking assets across the enterprise. Complete visibility of your telecommunications inventory often uncovers devices and services that are unassigned, out of use, or simply assigned improperly.

Invoice Management

Our consolidated billing solutions can reduce total payments to a single monthly presentment while we facilitate transactions on your behalf with your carriers, eliminating late payments and ensuring that each paid invoice is fully reviewed and audited.

Customized Reporting

We will customize reporting to help you more effectively track, forecast and manage the costs associated with your telecommunications programs while bringing unparalleled visibility to your organization.

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